How to maximise your office space at your home with your family

Here are some handy tips on how to maximise your office space with your family as many people are currently working from home.

By Lumby Hampson

15-04-2020 |
Here are some handy tips on how to maximise your office space with your family as many people are currently working from home.

Who would have thought we'd be giving tips on how to maximise your office space with your family because many of us are working from home, yet here we are.

I never thought of sharing my office space with my kids before but I'm fortunate to have a newly renovated office.

A few things that I learned about how to work at home pleasantly in one space (with your partner and kids lol)

1. Each person must have their own designated drawer

It sounds simple but having your own drawer is always good for my assurance and security.

Parents always like the idea of everyone tidying up their own things but it's better to segregate your things in the first place.

With an individual drawer, I can easily get one's belongings and put it into their drawer with no sweat.

And when someone is looking for his belongings, you can easily point out their drawer. Easy. It doesn't need to be a drawer, you can use a basket or a shelf if you have one and just mark it with their names.

2. Make a schedule for device usage

My computer is my life. I am making my income from it and sharing it to my kids or anyone else is a big no no. So, I'm not in favor of my kids using my computer for online usage.

If your kid is in high school, typically they have their own devices but for primary school kids they will only need them for a specific time.

It's not easy and convenient to share your device but if you're sharing it make sure to schedule it properly without making conflict with your precious time. You can let them use it while you're making your breakfast or lunch, so that you won't panic at the idea of them using your laptop while you continue to receive your emails.

3. Create a division

I understand that some of us don't have an office space at home and your Kitchen table or living area table may be used as the family office at this time.

It would be a mess and you'll feel uncomfortable seeing what your kids are doing while you're having your corporate meeting with your client.

I recommend you buy a room divider or beautifully improvise one with a curtain.

I believe it would be a great idea to look for options over the internet or online shops. Or you can look for DIY videos and tips on how to make your own room divider.

Remember, a beautiful room divider looks fabulous in the bedroom and even in your living room.

4. Be a minimalist or maybe skip the desk

We all know that technology is now taking over, especially the work industry. So for us who are working in a corporate office (now remotely in your home office), almost all files are stored digitally. May it be through your company’s server, the cloud storage or just your local storage, so bulky office furniture that consumes space may not be necessary in your office space at home.

At this time, it would be wise to be a minimalist, especially if you are working with other family members at the same office space at the same time.

5. Open shelf is an option

Most of us want to stay organised, open shelves will be a big help. There could be a time where everyone is busy and the room can be messy, it’ll be more prone to lose some files or supplies but if you can see everything, it might lessen or solve the problem.

Open shelves will help you organise stuff and keep your peace of mind of losing something important.

Bottom line, at this time of crisis, staying at home is the safest option to continue your line of business and to be with your family. So be creative, there are lots of ways on how to make your office space the way you want it to be where you are comfortable and organised. Your home could be your corporate office and at the same time your living area where you can spend more time with your family. Stay safe everyone and together we’ll get through this crisis very soon.

Good luck, guys!