Presenting your Home for Sale this Spring

Property Styling is about creating an emotional connection with buyers.

By Will Hampson

12-09-2017 |
Property Styling is about creating an emotional connection with buyers. Properties need to present beautifully in print, online and in person in order to achieve the best price in the shortest possible time.
Donna from House2Home Property styling says “Presenting every room with a purpose and creating a lifestyle people will understand, ensures buyer's emotions are engaged on inspection. It is proven that when buyer's emotions are engaged the highest possible sales price can be achieved.”

It is worthwhile taking time to clean and style your home to increase its value before you sell.
•Start by throwing away items that are broken or damaged.
•Give, donate or sell items you no longer need.
•Organise and straighten the contents of all your cupboards and wardrobes.
•Inspect your property for any damaged walls or flooring and make necessary repairs.
•Check for plumbing leaks.
•Eliminate odours.
•Freshen up paintwork and fixtures if necessary.
•Create a welcoming entrance.

The outdoor areas should not be forgotten either, Donna suggests, “In spring make the most of even the smallest of areas with some outdoor furniture.”
Local business Springtime External House Cleaning can clean the outside of your house, pressure clean driveways, pathways, tennis courts, pool areas and surrounds. They can clean roofing, gutters and windows to maximise street appeal and get your home looking it’s best for the sale.

Investing a little bit of time and energy into ensuring your property is presented in the best light can go a long way.